Old Post Cards

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Alms House
B & M Train Station
Beecham Hill, Water Village
Bear Camp
Bear Camp at Covered Bridge
Boat Landing, Camp Wellesley
Carleton''s Garage
Carroll County Alms House
Center Ossipee
Center Ossipee, Drug Store & Hotel
Center Ossipee Inn
President Cleveland Cottage
Community House
Cottages at Duncan Lake
Dan Hole Pond
Deck at Deer Cove Lodge
Deer Cove Lodge
Duncan Lake
February 1922
First Congregational Church
Hay coming through covered bridge
Haying at the Moulton Farm
High School Center Ossipee
High Street, Ossipee
Hodson Farm
Hotels Bear Camp River
Indian Mound
Inside Mt. Whittier Store
Large gathering
Mt. Whittier Store
On the road to Freedom
Ossipee Lake from Andrews Hill
Ossipee Post Office
A Parade - March Birthday
Parcel Post
Post Office - General Store, Water Village
Road to Duncan Lake
Roland Park rock garden
Rooms at Dame Cottage
Carroll County Court House
Sentinel Mountain
Sheep grazing in Ossipee
Sleigh Ride
Smart's Saw Mill
State Road
Ossipee street view
Sunny Villa
The Cabin in the birches, Ossipee Lake
The Carroll Inn
The Heathcote Camp
The square in Ossipee
View from Deer Cove Lodge Camps
W. S. Chase house, Center Ossipee
Water Village & Nichols Mountain
Webster General Store 1916
Who are they?
White Mountain Boulevare
Whittier Covered Bridge
Interesting gathering
Winter Scene, West Ossipee