Building Inspector

Steve McConarty - Building Inspector

(603) 539-4181     Cell (603) 340-0732


  • Building Codes and Inspections
  • Buliding Permits
  • Deputy Health Inspector


  • Performs on-site inspection of buildings and structures while under construction and determines if construction is in compliance with Zoning Ordinance and Planning Board Regulations
  • Enforces State building code and other construction and safety related codes as authorized by statute, and applicable federal codes, rules and regulations
  • Works in conjunction with Assessing Supervisor.
  • Issues required permits
  • Inspects and investigates any property for possible Health Code violations.  Assist property owners when coming into compliance with such
  • Assists applicants with completing Zoning Board Applications for compliance


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Steve McConarty   [edit]

Building Inspector

       (603) 539-4181

Cell (603) 340-0732