Welfare Department

Emails to the Town regarding Welfare will not be addressed

Please note until further notice Welfare Office hours have changed to
Monday & Thursday - 11:00am - 1:00pm

In compliance with RSA 165, the Director of Welfare is the administrator of general assistance for individuals and families who may be poor and needy, and who may require emergency help.  Requests may be made to this office through a written application process.  All decision are made free of bias, and in a strictly confidential manner.  Eligibility is based on a financial review of basic needs.  It is our purpose to meet our legal obligation in a professional and cost effective manner for the people of Ossipee.

Please note there is a strict application process to determine eligibility.  All information is verified by the Welfare Director.  Applications are available in the Selectmen’s Office plainly marked on the counter.  You may pick one up prior to your appointment and must have it completed with the required documents when you apply.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Sandra "Sam" Martin Welfare Director (603) 651-1156
Angela Rizzitano Deputy Welfare Director (603) 937-4748